Where are you based?We are a Cape Town based company.

Do you manufacture your jumping castles?

No. We import our castles from a reputable overseas supplier.

Do you sell jumping castles?

No. We are a jumping castle rental business that has the necessary permits to do the importing. Should you want to purchase a castle, we can possibly assist you. Please bear in mind that selling jumping castles is not our core business.

Does the price include Delivery?

No, it does not. We only offer free delivery for local areas (within 5km’s of Monte Vista). Upon booking online, you can select your area from the dropdown box under “delivery area” and the correct delivery cost will be displayed.

When Do I pay?

We prefer that you do an EFT beforehand or have the cash ready on delivery. When doing the EFT payment, please use your name as a reference. If an EFT has been done, proof of payment is to be given to the driver. We are firm believers in “NO PAY, NO PLAY”.

Can I keep the castle(s) overnight?

This is only done by special arrangement and there will be additional costs levied for this. This is only done on condition that the castle(s) you have is not being rented out the next day. We pride ourselves on always cleaning our castles prior to rental and it would be unfair to expect the next client to jump on a dirty one.

Why are your castles slightly more expensive that other rental companies?

You get what you pay for… Each of our 22 castles is unique and tremendous, marvellous leaps of fun. We pride ourselves on not offering the conventional jumping castle concept. We thoroughly clean each castle prior to delivery and use only the best anti-fungal disinfectant to ensure that your child’s experience is a clean and hygienic one.

Why so many questions on the online booking form?

We constantly strive to supply make your hiring experience with Castles4rascals a joyous one. We require full details to ensure that you get the castle you want, at the time you want, where you want and collected at the correct time. As you can imagine, it is a daunting task trying to accommodate everyone with “first thing in the morning” deliveries, but we accommodate as best we can….

How big are the castles?

The castle dimensions are on the website. They are shown below each castle as Length x Width x Height.

Will the castle fit in my garden?

It is the customer’s responsibility to measure their garden and accurately assess whether the castle(s) will fit or not. Should the client get the measurement incorrect and we are unable to fit the castle into the area, the client may request that we deliver a different castle (if one is available). If this is the case, the client will be liable for double delivery costs as we will be doing the same delivery twice.

What about the access to my property?

We rely on the information supplied by you to ensure that you get the correct castle on the day. It is imperative that all info relating to surface, gates, entrances and delivery route to erection area from front of house is correct and accurate. We reserve the right to deny delivery should we encounter that the area not is not suitable or impossible to manoeuvre. An example of this would be where clients have 60 stairs to their property, no gates to rear of house, narrow alleyways with obstructions. Please tell us at the time of booking if you have any narrow access ways, a torturous route, or if there are lots of steps to the location.

Do you deliver to all areas?

No. We deliver to the greater part of Cape Town. There are however some areas that we do not deliver to for safety reasons.

Are you prices negotiable?

No. We believe that we offer a great product and a good service.

What are your rates for an event?

The prices seen on the website are for private use (kiddies parties etc.) We charge a higher rate for events, festivals and fetes due to the fact that our castles are then being used for commercial use which results in more wear and tear… as well as more risk of damage.

Are you getting more castles?

We most definitely will be getting more inflatables in the near future. Watch this space!!

Can I pick up the castle?

No. We only offer a delivery service.

What if it rains?

If it is raining on the day of your party, you can cancel the booking prior to delivery. There will be no cancellation fee. Once delivered and inflated at customer site, castle must be paid for in full. If the castle has already been delivered and inflated, it is recommended that the motor get switched off immediately and the castle get deflated. The inflatables are durable and can be left out in the rain. However, the motor (blower) must be moved to a dry location. There is the risk of electrocution (water and electricity don’t mix well!). Other problems are damage to the motor, children slipping and hurting themselves.

Do you have castles that can be used indoors?

We have a few smaller castles that can be used indoors. It is important that roof height gets taken into account when requesting these.

Do I have sufficient electricity for the castle?

Our motors are 1.5HP motors and draw a fair amount of current. What also needs to be taken into account is the fact that most of our castles require 2 blowers as they are quite large. We have in the past found that the older properties with the “older type ceramic fuse” DB boards have a few issues and we therefore have to spread the load over 2 separate circuits.

Do you hire generators for the castles?

No we don’t.

Can adults go on the Jumping Castle? 

Our jumping castles are for children up to the age of 14, and will not withstand the weight of an adult. The weight of an adult puts too much stress on the seams, damaging the material and stitching.

How many children can use the jumping castle at the same time? 

Please see that the same size children bounce together. This will prevent injuries and also make it more enjoyable for the children.

What must I do before the castle arrives?

It would be appreciated if all sharp objects, stones, sticks, obstruction and animal mess be removed from the area where the castle is going to be inflated. For waterslides, a hosepipe and supply of water will need to be supplied. It is also recommended that you have some idea of where you will be getting power from and how you will need the castle positioned/erected. Our delivery guys will endeavour to accommodate you as much as possible within the timescales at their disposal. We generally have a lot of castles to deliver within a very short timeframe and therefore advise them that a delivery and erection of inflatable be done in 15 minutes. We need clear access to the location you would like the jumping castle situated. The jumping castle will be wheeled to the location on a trolley. The jumping castle and trolley are approximately +- 800mm wide (castle dependant). Please make sure that your sprinkler system is switched of for the durations of the jumping castle hire.  We secure our castles with pegs so we need to know any underground piping where we are going to place the jumping castle.

What surface can the inflatable go on? 

The inflatable can go on grass, paving, tiles, cement floor.  We will supply a groundsheet if the surface is other than grass.

My garden is on a slope/angle/gradient; can I still have a jumping castle? 

Please advise us at the time of booking if your garden is not level, it may be necessary for us to visit your garden prior to your party to tell you if it is suitable for jumping castle hire or not.  Normally we are able to secure the castle to prevent any side movements.


We live outside your delivery area; can I still have a jumping castle? 

We normally do not deliver outside our delivery area during peak times. During the off peak times we will consider it on a case by case basis (Cape Town Metropolitan area only).

How long does it take to set the jumping castle up? 

We usually take 15-20 minutes to set up the jumping castle.

Can the inflatable be in contact we walls and trees? 

No, the jumping castle can suffer abrasion damage if it’s in direct contact with branches or walls. When we deliver the jumping castle we will place it so as to avoid contact with these damaging surfaces.

Can I switch the fan off if the party has finished? 

Yes, just switch off the power and unplug the extension lead from your socket. Please be aware that the jumping castle will deflate very quickly. Make sure that there is nobody on the jumping castle when you switch it off. Please do not allow anybody to walk on the jumping castle once it is deflated, this also causes damage to the jumping castle.

What else should I be aware of? 

Please keep shoes, sharp objects, food, streamers, poppers, etc. away from the jumping castle as they stain the vinyl. Face paint also stains the vinyl. Please make sure all children’s faces are completely dry prior to them jumping.

When should I order?

It is recommended that you order your desired jumping castle at least 2 (two) weeks before as this would normally ensure availability.

Do I need to clean the jumping castle before you collect it?

No. All our jumping castles are inspected, washed and sanitised by us within 48 hours of return. We will charge clients where foodstuff, paints, tape and other foreign substances are found on our castles that require specialised cleaning services.

What about damage to the Inflatables?

The customer is liable for damage, other than normal wear and tear, to both the jumping castle and the motor. One of the conditions of hire is that we would notify the customer within 24 hours of any damage to the inflatables. We then get a repair quote from our supplier which is discussed with the customer and go ahead with the repairs. As we DO NOT patch our jumping castles and replace whole damaged sections it is imperative that the customer ensure that no animals or any action (e.g. paint, pens, tape) that could damage the castle or motor, be allowed near it for the duration of rental.